earth day at home

I am not a world traveler. There are millions and more places on this Earth that I have not seen, and likely due to finances and life might never see. I am however a horse traveler. Meaning if I do travel – there better be a horse there somewhere.


Snow doesn’t stop my sense of adventure.

This Earth Day I’m reflecting on the things I have seen while on the back of a horse. There is no better way to explore a new territory. Of course my most recent Red Rock Canyon adventure tops everything, I’m still always happy to venture into my own backyard habitat and see what mother nature has to offer me today. For example, since I moved my horse less than two weeks ago, I have seen a new type of bird almost every day. I literally moved him half a mile away from our previous home but we are now a little more secluded from the neighborhood, and more present in the natural woods of Winton Woods park right next door.

I’ve traveled this path a thousand times and more. I will always want to see nature between these two ears.


Paisley and I at the view point of the Winton Woods harbor trail during a late winter ride.

I’m extremely fortunate to have such a well maintained trail and park so close to home. In the springtime I like to take a morning trail ride with Paisley and then in the evening I’ll take my dogs and walk on the pedestrian path. I’m getting every ounce of use of my $10 annual pass. You can’t possibly understand the beauty of this Earth without appreciating the beauty that is right under your nose.


Same park, different part – different horse. Photo credit to Caitlin Mack (2012)

Horses are what brings me to nature and back to Earth while my head is in the clouds. I have seen countless sunsets, sunrises, and rainbows due to my constant presence at the barn. I experienced the recent “Super Moon” in a nighttime trail ride, guided only by the moonlight to illuminate our path. People travel the world to be witness to the best ocean sunsets, but I challenge you to just hang around your house for a bit and see how spectacular it can be at home too.


via Photo Challenge: Earth


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