freedom! (sort of)


Look who got to spend some free time outside last night!


However, he was not happy that Mom was not sitting right next to him. I was walking around the arena picking up some sticks from a recent storm and he would not leave me alone. I am very pleased though that he didn’t have any meltdowns or temper tantrums while outside –  he just stood at the gate pouting when I walked away to do some chores in the barn. The other two horses were off property trail riding and he didn’t even seem to notice or care. Tonight I’m going to put him out in the round pen with this sweet little mare so he can start making friends. My vet will be out on Friday to re-assess the injury and maybe we can start spending more and more time out in our little arena before we graduate to trying the pasture again. Hopefully it will go more smoothly if he has a buddy!

I’m so happy in our new little barn though. Treating this injury has been so much easier than our previous barn. He has a great level, dry, perfectly matted stall with two windows for some good air and ventilation and can easily see the other horses when they go outside. The barn managers have also been exceptional – doing his stall twice a day and also suggesting to try giving him meds in a feed bag since of course his grain is tainted with antibiotics! I can’t say enough good things about them. It’s also been a treat to be able to have the cross ties to myself and never have to take turns and constantly move him for incoming horses or wheel barrows – makes wrapping his leg so much easier! I’m glad I made this move and despite the injury – this was the right call.


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