An unexpected Friday adventure

Yesterday I got a call from the ER vet clinic I work for part time (previously full time) asking if I could pick up a short swing shift after my regular job on Friday. My favorite person asked me, and I do suddenly have an unplanned vet bill from Paisley so I said yes. I generally leave my regular job at 3:30 and head to the clinic for a short 4p-8p shift, so I’m essentially giving up my Friday but I could use the money. 

Today at work we all got a little surprise and our boss told us to finish anything we needed to do today and go home to enjoy the holiday weekend! What a treat! But then I remembered I was picking up a shift and both jobs are within a 5 minute drive, and my house is about 30 minutes away. So I ended up killing a little time at a park I drive by every day but I’ve never visited – Sharon Woods in Cincinnati. 

I enjoyed a 4 mile walk on this beautiful spring day! The Hamilton County Park District is such a well maintained system and I’m very fortunate to get to experience a lot of these parks pretty regularly. The one closest to me also includes horse trails. This was just a paved trail but still pretty nice with some great views. 

And saw a lot of turtles! 

Like really, a lot of turtles. 

Did you think I was exaggerating? The mother load of turtles. 

Never seen so many turtles at once in my life!

I really enjoyed my little afternoon adventure between jobs although I have to say- I like walking with my dogs or my horse a lot better! 

Happy Easter weekend!


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