Published! and other great things.

When I was in high school I decided that I wanted to be a writer. I loved my creative writing classes and my teacher, Mrs. Heile, was so encouraging and supportive. I thought that was the career for me.

Of course things don’t always go the way you planned when you start college. I switched majors from journalism to business, to education, to biology, and then I transferred schools altogether to pursue veterinary technology. Being a vet tech was absolutely the right career choice for me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss writing. In the last few months I have written a few pieces for myself and submitted one to the Horse Network. Within a few days they had notified me that they were going to publish it! Freelance writing, while not necessarily paying the bills, can be a great creative outlet for me and allows me the freedom to write about whatever I want. That motivated me to start this blog so hopefully others will continue to want to read what I have to say on a daily basis – even if those things aren’t terribly interesting.

From Visitor to Competitor: A Reflection on the Kentucky Horse Park

I realize this isn’t the absolute most prestigious equine-themed website, but they heard my voice and gave me a chance. For the record, this piece was not edited by me!

For today’s news – Pony is feeling so much better! I am so pleased with his progress. This morning’s bandage change was found no heat, just a little swelling, and significantly less drainage. I am much more hopeful that there is no tendon damage or any long-term effects of this injury. My vet did advise me to up his dose of bute (partly because he is still pretty tender walking, partly because he has taken to dumping his medication-tainted grain on the ground) and we will do antibiotics for a few extra days just to be safe. I’m being optimistic!

Happy Wednesday!


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