Wrap, unravel, rinse, repeat

Oh what fun it is to wrap a bandage every day…hey!

It’s been only a few months since I’ve had to use standing wraps on my horse – so I guess it’s about time for me to be doing it again. Wrap, unravel, and wrap again until my head is spinning.

Pony seems to be feeling better as far as personality. He is happy to see me when I arrive, stomping and pawing on both front legs for more attention and cookies (which I know is bad – but I’m so happy that he appears to be putting even weight on both legs I don’t even care). My vet has been absolutely wonderful at answering every question and weird observation I’m noticing. I’m trying to take the high road and be positive about this injury. I’m hoping, praying, and willing there to be no tendon involvement and I’m telling myself that because he is not so lame and only receiving about 2 grams of bute per day that he can’t possibly have a tendon injury. No way he would be comfortable on 2 grams of bute if that was the case- right? My vet seems to agree with me but of course I enjoy the opinions of the masses as well. He is still limping on the leg when he is walking but I would expect that- there is a deep laceration there, of course that would be somewhat uncomfortable.

Last night I took his temperature because he felt a bit warm to me and he was 101.5, which is not technically a fever, but he usually runs around 99-100 (and I know this since at our last barn we had an EHV case and we were all temping our horse’s twice a day for about three weeks – I got to know his average temp and rear end very well). I called my vet who then reminded me that was about 80 degrees out and he is still a little fuzzy from winter. Oh yeah. See what happens? My mind forgets the most obvious things! This morning he was 100.4 – right on target.

He seemed so happy to see me last night and I felt a lot of relief. He wasn’t anxious or nervous and we hand grazed for about 45 minutes with the bandage off to let it dry and air out a bit. My parents visited and brought him his favorite treat- McDonald’s french fries- which he eagerly devoured.

This is going to be a waiting game for a while. Keep sending those good vibes my way.

via Daily Prompt: Unravel


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