Tomorrow is the big day. I’ve written about my moving anxiety on this blog earlier but it’s finally happening. Paisley and I are moving to our new barn tomorrow afternoon.

I think my biggest adjustment is simply losing the family. Everyone I’ve known who has left our barn either by choice or by loss of their horse has always promised to keep in touch, to come visit and stop by now and then. The now’s become the then’s and there are a few rare people who still visit regularly even though they no longer have their horses. I’m hoping that moving just down the road decreases my odds of becoming an outlier but I can’t say for certain. I would hate to come and visit and not be recognized by anyone.

I’ll miss riding in this field.

Some nights weren’t so bad.

 And no place in the world can beat this location for sunsets and rainbows.

This is for him. This is for me. The most beautiful place can also be the same source of the most heartache and frustration.

via Daily Prompt: Outlier


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  1. Moving barns is hard. I have made many moves myself for various reasons and to be honest I have never regretted making those moves. When the time comes and a move is necessary it is usually a good move. Best of luck and I hope it will all go smoothly for you.


    • Thanks 🙂 today was tough but at the same time I was reminded of all the reasons I’m leaving just as I was getting out of my car. I’m hoping for a smooth transition with pony the most !


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