red rock canyon

Finally home from my Las Vegas excursion. I was immersed in the lights, the slots, and the shows for a week except for one amazing adventure into the desert of the Red Rock Canyon. My mother thinks I’m crazy for saying this was my favorite part of the trip but how in the world can you compare any of the things I saw in the city with this spectacular view?


My Mom and I took a 2 hour trail ride with “Cowboy Trail Rides.” The name was the only thing that was silly about this ride. I usually balk at the thought of a group trail ride in a tourist fashion, but they had some great reviews and I don’t know of a better way to explore the Mojave desert except on the back of a horse. The ranch was clean, the horses looked very well cared for, and the staff was very experienced and knowledgeable; I highly recommend a visit there if you are in the area and want to explore the natural beauty of Las Vegas.


On the right: Me and my buddy “Mustang Sally,” On the left: My Mom and her mule “Gus.”

I was so impressed with this ride. My cute little mare, “Sally” was very well behaved. I learned that she was a BLM mustang that came from a prison rehabilitation training program. She was stinking adorable.  My Mom (who is NOT a horse person in any sense) was given “Gus” a really nice, extremely careful mule who was very good to her. Every time we would approach a big step up or down I would turn around to watch my Mom and sweet Gus was literally stepping one foot at a time until she was safely to the other side. Or he would avoid the step altogether and walk around because: mules. I could not believe the terrain we were walking over! The pictures can’t really tell how rocky it was – their feet were so hard and solid, I was shocked with how sure-footed they were. I took some time to look around at the care the horse’s were receiving – the group being used for the day was hanging out in the corral munching on pure alfalfa and every horse seemed happy and fat!


One of the ranchers leading the next string of trail horse’s to the corral from their paddock area – they all stood so quietly until they were put into the spot.


My Mom on the first horse- looking like a seasoned pro.

Breathtaking is the best way to describe this ride. I was sad we only signed up for the 2 hour ride (my mom thought it was about 1.5 hour too long), I could have rode all day long in that beautiful place. Our guide explained that it was significantly greener than it normally is- they had more rain than average in the desert this past winter and their horses seemed to grow thicker coats this year too. I was surprised with how fuzzy my horse was because it’s the desert! But I guess 40-50 degree days are cold for them. It’s still shedding season too – my mare had a very itchy, shedding belly and I found the best method for these desert horses to itch is to just walk directly over a cactus- the perfect scratching post! I definitely enjoyed the casinos and the shows in Las Vegas, but this was the memory I’ll cherish forever.




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