just do it

It’s amazing how often times when I don’t plan on doing something, then go ahead and do it, how it turns out to be so amazing. Yesterday I did not plan on riding but when I arrived to the barn my stall was clean and pony was happily eating his dinner. I didn’t have a whole lot of chores to do so I figured – eh, I’ll just hop on for a bit. It was a beautiful night, about 50 degrees and sunny – perfect riding weather. Pony must have been feeling the relaxation vibes too and he was just rockstar-ing it the whole time. It always surprises me how going into a ride with no expectations turns into the best ride. That whole stretchy trot challenge we could barely do on Monday was no big deal, so I was feeling balls-y enough to go ahead and try a stretchy canter – which he did pretty well! He is normally very tense and speedy because I get very tense and anticipate speed… so instead I let him stay long and low, kept my leg on and he had several great circles on both leads. I stopped right there- only about 20 minutes into my ride- and said we are done! I wasn’t messing with this perfection any more!

We enjoyed some sunshine and grazing last night too with our buddy Tyler the cat. He’s pretty perfect too.

In other life news, I’ve recently started running again. After my stupid stress fracture in my fibula last year I’ve been pretty nervous to run consistently but I’ve had time on my lunch breaks recently at work and have been putting in about two miles with several walk breaks. I’m guessing last year I just pushed too hard too fast, so I’m going to take it waaay slow this time.

happy tails and trails for your weekend x


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