Yesterday was Pony’s 20th birthday. I can’t believe he is that old – he is truly what you are talking about when you say “age is just a number.” He spent the evening being spoiled with grazing on the good grass and sharing a large McDonald’s french fry with me.

I left for the barn around 6 last night and as I was walking out the door I told hubby that I wasn’t going to ride, but I was going to be at the barn for a bit just to spend some quality time with the birthday boy. He gave me a funny look like he always does when I leave, and I headed out the door. As I was driving over I realized: I spend way more “quality time” with this horse than I do with my husband and I was using his birthday as the excuse to hang a bit longer. As an average horse owner, I am well versed in making a “quick trip to the barn” take hours, even though all of my chores can take me about 45 minutes most days. I’m a dedicated horse owner, but I think as a wife I’ve not been quite up to par. What did we even do for Josh’s birthday last year? We went to the local wings restaurant up the street, and then I spent the following Saturday at the barn for 5 hours. I specifically set time out of my day just to hang with my horse for his birthday, and my husband’s birthday barely saw him at all. I don’t even think I’ve mentioned him on this blog.

I never feel like any moment at the barn is ever a waste of time. No amount of mucking, mud, or cranky boarders can make me feel like my trip was not worth it. But there are certainly days when I could make a conscious effort to be a better wife to my husband, who graciously puts up with my addiction. We do have an agreement in our house though because Josh is a big video gamer. So while most wives might be irritated at the amount of time their husbands spend fixated on a screen playing with virtual people, I usually take that time to spend with my horse and we can’t complain about each other. He has his activity and I have mine. Granted, my activity generally takes up a bit more time in each day, I absolutely have to partake in mine every day or make arrangements for someone to do it for me, mine tends to cost about 20x as much and sometimes can take me out of town for days at a time or call me out in the middle of the night, or… well, you get the picture, we still are respectful of our hobbies outside of our relationship. If I didn’t have a horse to take care of, I don’t think I’d recognize myself. Having Paisley is a part of who I am and my husband understands that. He doesn’t complain, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t try and set more time aside for him.

Paisley and I being adorable on my wedding day. Oh and Josh is there too.

I’ve been trying since the day I brought home Paisley to talk Josh into riding with me but for some reason he just isn’t totally into that idea. It’s not for everyone but I am lucky to have a person who knows that it is important to me. He has mucked my stall numerous times and attempted to walk Paisley to the pasture a few times, but his patience and understanding will always be enough for me.


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