this magic moment.

I’m not sure what makes a sunset ride so magical. Maybe it’s the sunset, or maybe it’s being on a horse. Probably both. So double the amount of awesome means that a sunset ride is basically the best thing you can do for yourself when you are having a rough time. I also enjoy rides at sunrise, although those are often more difficult to come by. Moonlight rides are especially special too. Myself and a few of my dearest barn friends went for one during the “super moon” this past fall.

 Can you see how much fun we are having? Yeah me either.

It’s very difficult to capture the magic of a moonlight ride in a picture so this is the best I can do.

Even though I’ve had Paisley now for going on 7 years, I still always get little giddy feelings when we are about to experience something new together. I guess because being a non-horse owner for the first 21 years of my life my riding was very limited to once or twice a week at a scheduled time. Didn’t matter that it was rainy, or extremely hot, or extremely cold, that was the time I could be on a horse so I had to take it. I never had many opportunities at sunset rides, but somehow always experienced the extreme weather rides. Now whenever I have a chance for a sunset ride or some other beautiful experience I tend to jump on it and lap it up as if I’ve never done this before.

I do not take one single second of horse ownership for granted. I do not complain about any chore. I do not complain when I have to come up at 6am before work to give him antibiotics. I do not complain when I have to come back throughout the night on a colic watch. The opposite of doing these things is not doing these things, and not doing these things means that I don’t have a horse to do them for. I will always do these things and I will do them with a smile and happiness knowing that I am the lucky one who gets to do these things. I was horse-less for 21 years and I hope to never remember what those dark times were like.


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