i got the moving blues

No one wants to move. I hate moving. I hate uprooting my bed, my cats, my life and relocating it to a new place. It always takes so long to finally be adjusted and feel like, “yeah, this is my home.” I felt awful when we moved to our current house because one of my cats (Winston) hid in a rolled up carpet for two days. He has no idea why we moved and certainly doesn’t care, but fortunately we had a rolled up carpet to camp out in. Eventually, he came out and all of my pets and myself adjusted, but it still sucks.

Which brings me to the subject that I am moving not myself, but my horse. I think this move has caused me more anxiety and tears than any move of my household ever has. I absolutely love my current boarding barn, but a few significant things are finally starting to get to me. I’m moving him down the street from where we currently are. Literally – I’m not even bothering to haul him, I’m just going to ride. My biggest peeve is that he has been in a very large turn out group in a space not suitable for the size of the herd, so we are moving to be in a smaller barn with a much smaller herd. His happiness and safety to just “be a horse” is more important than my lack of riding space.

It has made me sick to my stomach to be leaving my wonderful barn family. The one I am most sad about is leaving Paisley’s best buddy Dio behind, and consequently my best barn buddy Amy. I hope that the transition is easy on everyone. Paisley doesn’t fit into a rolled up carpet quite as well as baby Winston does.

I’m also moving from essentially a self-care facility to a full care facility. Although I am stall fairy-ed quite often – I still generally count on cleaning my stall, setting up his feed, and taking him to/from the pasture every day. It will be very weird to go from doing everything to doing very little. However, I am looking forward to spending more 1:1 time with my boy. On rushed days I rarely have time to do more than give him a carrot, a kiss, and run out the door once my chores are finished. Now I can spend those precious minutes riding him, grooming him, or just plain spoiling him.

Adventures to go, adventures to come on our new journey.


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